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Cold War Boost Lobby 

Upgrade your gaming to the next level, unlock camo, weapons attachments and much more.

Grow your prestige significantly. 

- Unlock Exclusive Camo's and Accolades 

- Complete In game Hard challenges 

- Level Up Rank Fast 

- 100 Headshots Per Game

- Up to 50K XP Per Game 

In Game Duration: 15 - 20 minutes 

We will email you instructions with the Gamertag for you to add. 

average order deliver time: 24 hours 

Max Guarantee order completed time: 24 - 48 hours 

1 key = 15 - 20 minutes of Bot lobby. you can purchase any amount of keys. 

After we received your order 

You will receive an email with instructions, 

Instructions includes. 

- How to Join Bot lobby 

- The Gamer Tag you need to add to join us in game. 

- Confirm that your purchase email is accurate to receive details. 

- We do work for PS4 , XBOX , PC

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  • Product review: 5/5.0
  • Order deliver on time: 5/5.0
  • Item as describe: 5/5.0
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    First one turned out great so I bought another, Thanks.

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    Bought a few Fortnite Skins in the past and had a good experience. Received instructions within minutes. Accepted and in lobby in less than 24 hours. I had a few questions and all were answered. Great customer support!

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